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Vue.js – Introduction

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In this post, I will be starting with a new series and it is on Vue.js. So in this first post, let us talk cover the Introduction to Vue.js

For this post we will first understand Props
✔ What is Vue.js ?
✔ How to Get Started ?
✔ Declarative Rendering

What is Vue.js?

Vue.js is a progressive JavaScript Frontend Framework for building modern, sleek and performant user interfaces. It is a very popular framework for building frontend applications just like Angular and React.js

How to get started ?

You can use Vue.js for building small widgets for your multi-page applications. For this you just need the CDN. For more complex applications, use the Vue CLI

Declarative Rendering

Vue.js provides a reactivity system that allows us to render content in a declarative manner right within the template using the mustache {{}} syntax.

Let us define the script where we house all our business logic for the component.

So this was all for the introduction. This is how we can create a basic Vue.js 3 application. We made the app reactive by connecting the data and the DOM.

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