Tamper Resistant Nature of a Blockchain ⛓

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In this article, let us understand the Tamper Resistant Nature of a Blockchain. This is the third part of my Blockchain Series on Dev.

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Tamper Resistant Nature of a Blockchain ⛓


Every block 📦 of the blockchain contains its own hash value and the hash of the previous block (previous block hash) in the blockchain. These hash values chain the blockchain together in order in which the most recent block was made and goes all the way to the very first block that was created.


Whenever the data of a block gets changed, the hash of the block needs to be re-computed and this invalidates the block.


Now as a consequence of this (hash of the block changing), it also changes the hash of the block that exists on the next block. This changes the data in that block as well changing the hash value and hence this block will also get invalidated too. This change of hash values will run all the way down to the set of the blocks effectively breaking the entire chain. This proves that blockchain is TAMPER PROOF !

So this is it for the third article on Blockchain. Thanks for reading !

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