A Brief Introduction to React.js

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In this article, let us cover a brief introduction to React.js



React is an open source, front-end JavaScript Library for building modern sleek user interfaces.

It is maintained by Facebook. It is used to create SPAs.

Why React ?

  1. Uses component based architecture to structure your application.
  2. Allows you to write reusable components that can be used across different applications
  3. Easy to learn
  4. Ensures stable code.

Features of React

  1. Optimization of code using a complex development workflow already done for us.
  2. Writing HTMLish Code in JavaScript files using JSX.
  3. Faster rendering because of Virtual DOM.

Disadvantages of React

Not a complete framework
Compared to Angular which is like a kitchen of tools that has everything built in, React depends on a lot of other external libraries that glue with it for creating modern frontends.

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