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Running Geospatial Queries in MongoDB

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In this article, let us learn about Running Geospatial Queries in MongoDB .

Geospatial Queries – Finding Places

Geospatial Queries are an interesting thing in MongoDB. You can fire queries not just for text, boolean, number, dates as condition but you can also create queries for locations like :

Find me all the restaurants within a radius of 2km.

Find me all the hospitals that near to this specific place

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Running Geo Queries

Let us try to find all the places that are near my current location. So for this, let’s run this query. Make sure to use the latitude and longitude of your location before you fire the below query :

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And here the $geoNear is the behind the scenes name of our $near query. For this we will need the geospatial index for this query to run.
Not all the geospatial queries require the index but they all will somehow benefit from having such an index.

To add such an index we can use the createIndex method on the

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And if we repeat the same query, it should now succeed.

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Now the question that must come in our mind is that how is near defined near, meaning that relative to what it is near. It does not make sense unless we restrict it.

We can also define $maxDistance which is a value present
in metres here. We can also define the $minDistance which is also a value define in metres

Let us now write a query to find all places that are near to us in a certain radius distance.

Find out all places that are near to us in a certain radius distance

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This answers our first question regarding which points are near to our current location. Now this area could either be in form of a sphere, polygon etc., let us say we want to find out which points are inside of that area ?

This is another typical question that we often encounter and in order to answer this let us add more points to our database.
Let us add three more places :

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Now let us run a query to find all the places that lie inside a certain area :

For finding such places, go to Google Maps :
Inside the Google Maps Section

  1. Go to Your Places tab.
  2. Create a new map there.
  3. Let us draw a polygon around our location.

$geoWithin will help us to find all the elements within a certain shape or certain object typically like a polygon.
$geoWithin takes a document as a value and here we can add a geometry object which is just the GeoJSON Object

Store all the four coordinates inside the points
p1, p2, p3, p4

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Finding out if a user is inside a specific area. This can also be done using geospatial queries.

Let us see how we can find places within a certain area :

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This is what we get as a result :

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The $near method gives us the list of the places in the sorted order whereas the $geoWithin method will give us the list of the places in the unsorted order but we can sort them using the sort method on the records that we get back.

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